Michigan State Police Look for Distracted Drivers Among Holiday Traffic

It’s the last holiday of the summer and everyone is making their way north for some Labor Day weekend fun.

M-115 is already jam packed.

If you are headed up, you’ll notice police out in full force making sure everyone is being safe.

“Generally around 4 o’clock to probably night fall is when the traffic is the heaviest,” Trooper Grant Geurink, MSP said.

And with all of these extra people on the road police say accidents are more

Likely and they want to prevent them.

“We’re looking out for reckless drivers people that are going over the speed limit, just people in general that are driving unsafe or using their phone in their hand or messing with their GPS going over the centerline going down the road,” Geurink said.

Labor Day weekend is also a time when many are hauling boats campers and trailers.

Del Marsh drove his camper and boat up north and is taking extra caution when driving on busy highways.

“Constantly watching the mirrors, a lot of people don’t realize that you can’t stop these things as quick as you can something else, so watching the mirrors all of the time. You know I can see on both sides so I can see the back of the boat make sure the boats still following me. Stay in the speed limit it’s only 75 now and different parts of the express way but I’ll only go 65,” Marsh said.

Overall police just want everyone to be safe.

“Safety it’s important you want to know what is going on around you at all times. You never know what someone else is going to do, so always be looking,” Geurink said.

There will be extra police out this weekend to make sure everyone stays safe.