Hometown Tourist: Wildwood Firearms Training & Range

A mobile indoor shooting range once used to train military and police personnel is now something you can visit and try for yourself.

Hometown Tourist takes us to Wildwood Firearms Training & Range in Harbor Springs.

“We offer a training facility for all kinds of firearm training and we have a mobile range. This range was manufactured for the United States military and law enforcement use and we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase one,” said co-owner Brett Gooding.

Brett is a retired Michigan State Police sergeant, who now spends his days dedicated to his gun store and training facility, providing an experience to test out your guns, safely, in a unique indoor range.

It’s the only one like it for hundreds of miles.

“The walls, floors, ceilings, all 360 degrees is rated ballistically to proof up to a 308 caliber rifle, inside that, it has several layers of condensed foam with Kevlar so the bullets can stop before they even hit the steel which is designed to stop them also. And it’s also sound proofed and then we also have h-vac system which keeps a constant flow of fresh air cycling through,” said Gooding.

A heat sensing camera tracks bullets to compute everything from your accuracy to reaction time. The computer system has an array of options from sighting in your gun, hunting games or training in shoot or don’t shoot scenarios.

“Many police officers go through this type of training, but they usually have to use a laser simulator with laser guns or an adapted piece to make their firearms work with a laser. In this situation you actually use your gun with live fire so as you’re training, you’re training for that recoil that noise, for that muzzle flash. We can do low light situations, we can pretty much do it all,” said Gooding.

Brett also offers a full service gun shop that provides gunsmithing, but most of all providing a variety of training.

“We want them to be safe first, so we take a lot of time and training and spending time with our customers before they buy,” explained Gooding.

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