Traverse City Sam’s Club Donates Healthy Snacks to TCAPS

“To do that for us for the first day of school means a lot to all of the students and staff here in.”

The first day of school for Traverse City Area Public Schools elementary students is coming up, and they will have something special waiting for them.

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming, so Sam’s Club wants to make one tall task just a little easier for students, teachers and parents.

The Traverse City Sam’s Club donated bags of healthy snacks to the 12 schools and 4,500 students.

It’s not the first time TCAPS has partnered with the chain, giving the schools $20,000 just last year.

But this year, they wanted to do something unique.

“We started brainstorming and we came up with first day, we wanted to ensure that every kid had a snack. Parents are worried about all of the things that they need to purchase for the first day of school and just relieving one thing off of their plate will certainly be a benefit,” Jesse Gauna, club manager, Traverse City Sam’s Club said.

Sam’s Club delivered the bags this week, filled with healthy snacks, water and pencils.