Manton Woman At Center Of Motel Explosion Facing Charges

Two boys continue their tough recovery after an explosion at a motel.

Now their mother could be looking at 10 years in prison.

Amanda Skardoutos faces drug and child abuse charges for the explosion at the Green Mill Motel in Manton.

Skardoutos and her sons were severely injured when the motel went up in flames back in May.

The state fire marshall says evidence from the explosion was consistent with a butane hash oil lab.

Both kids had life threatening injuries and are still in the hospital. Police immediately arrested Skardoutos after the hospital released her.

“He’s making the strides and getting better but it just didn’t have to be this way,” Robert said.

Brian Adams is still on his long road to recovery in Boston. Months later his father is still reeling from what happened.

“He didn’t have to go through this. It tears my heart out to see him have to fight to barely be able to pick up a straw,” Robert said.

Robert Adams says his son could spend at least a year in the hospital. His younger brother Marcus is also still healing.

“This isn’t something that’s just going to blow over in a couple months it’s now going to affect her life her children’s lives and everybody around them. The whole thing is just sad,” Shayne said.

Their mother Amanda Skardoutos is the person at the center of the explosion.

The judge decided Skardoutos will wear a tether and live in Manton while she continues treatment and can only go to approved places.

She is also still allowed to talk to her kids.

“Anything this serious whenever a child’s life is put into harm. Her sons have suffered from this whole event so I don’t think the charges were out of question in any way,” Shayne Aldridge, a witness said.

Robert asked a special thanks go out to Shriners Hospitals who helped his son Brian.