Lake City Mom Asking For Help After Daughter’s Home Destroyed By Hurricane Harvey

A Lake City mom is asking for help after her daughter lost her home near Houston to Hurricane Harvey

Denise Leaym’s daughter Keather lives in Rockport, Texas.

Luckily Keather and her family are OK.

But now they are left with nothing.

“I kept calling them and calling them and calling them just to make sure they are getting out of there,” says Denise Leaym, mother of Keather.

Denise’s daughter Keather is just one of Hurricane Harvey’s many victims.

Keather grew up in McBain and moved down to Texas three years ago.

“It’s horrible, the whole town is destroyed and our house is horrible. We had concrete walls and those are even knocked down. The wood got ripped off and stuff inside the house, we had a bunch of water damage,” says Keather Leaym.

Keather, her fiancé, and one year old son now have nothing.

“It’s really hard, I am trying to stay strong and keep it together. I am just really glad we made it out of there alive because if we stayed, I know that we might not have made it,” says Keather.

And for a mother living miles away, this is devastating news.

“Right now I am feeling really helpless. I don’t even know, I want to be there, I want to help, I want to and if I had the money I would just give it all to her,” says Denise.

Keather’s home didn’t have insurance and now they have to start over.

Denise is trying to raise money

“She has lost everything, her house, her clothes, her furniture, kitchen, supplies, just everything, its gone and I am just hoping to try and get some help so they can start rebuilding their life,” says Denise.

If you would like to help Keather and her family click here