Reed City Working to Reach Agreement With Richmond Township

“They wanted to create more of a win-win situation,” Ron Howell, Reed City city manager said.

Reed City has a bit of a mess on its hands, and is hoping to work with Richmond Township to solve the problem.

Reed City is re-visiting something called a 425 Agreement, which allows township property to be conditionally transferred to the city, with the city sharing taxes with the township.

They came close to an agreement in 2006, but it fell apart.

So why now?

The newly-built Reed City Fields Assisted Living center hooked up to city water by mistake, rather than the township water.

Reed City’s city manager says, if agreed upon, a 425 Agreement would solve the issue and beneficial in the future.

“Act 425 by the state legislature was put in place just for that, so townships and cities can work co-operatively, share taxes, and plan for development together, sounds good,” Howell said.

A meeting will take place at the township hall on September 7 at 7 p.m. to discuss the agreement.