Buses Get Inspected In Mount Pleasant By Michigan State Police Inspectors

With some schools already in session and others starting in just a few days, it’s time to make sure school buses are safe for students.

Every year right around this time, Michigan State Police inspect every school bus in the state to make sure they are working properly.

With so many kids relying on bus transportation, it’s a serious responsibility.

These inspectors check more than 1,500 buses every year.

It’s something they say is crucial.

“Every yellow and black school bus in the state needs to be inspected annually,” says Clifford Dilleree, vehicle safety inspector for Michigan State Police.

First on the list, the outside of the bus.

“We check suspension breaks, tires, we have quite an extensive list of things that we have to check on every bus. We go through that, we have a routine we go through around the bus and then decide whether it passes,” says Dilleree.

Inspectors then go underneath the bus to check things out, they are looking to make sure things like breaks and shocks are working.

“We check the seats, the seat foams, look over the general inside of the bus and make sure it’s safe for the students. The walls, then I’ll check the driver’s area, the seat belt, all the heaters, working switches and working lights,” says Dilleree.

Dilleree added,

“Basically we’re just another set of eyes that can come in behind the mechanics that do the work and we just want to stress that it’s super important for the safety of the kids, safety of the driver.”

Pat Mohrlock’s daughter will be riding the bus every day this year.

“As a parent it’s very important that the buses be safe, our kids’ lives are in their hands,” says Mohrlock.

Theres also a way to help parents get extra reassurance.

“There is a QR code, if you have the QR reader on your smart phone, you can track the status of the bus and what’s been wrong with it in the past and if it’s up to date on its current sticker,” says Dilleree.

If you have a smart phone you can download the QR scanner app for free.