Antrim Co. Man In Critical Condition After Hit And Run, Family Shares Heartbreaking Thoughts

A man is still in critical condition after a hit and run crash.

His family is sharing their heartbreaking thoughts.

It happened last Friday night in Antrim County.

Aaron Kinnie was riding his motorcycle when the unexpected happened.

Antrim County deputies say Kinnie was driving on M-88 when a truck blew through the stop sign, hit him and kept going down Johnson road.

“It’s just devastating what has happened,” said Jennifer Lewis, Aaron’s significant other. “It just feels like a bad dream that I’m waiting to wake up from.

Heartbreaking words from Aaron’s family, who are left praying for a miracle.

“We can just hope and pray that he gets better, comes back to us,” said his father Dennis Kinnie.

“We’d just like Aaron back, we miss him, be back like he used to be same old Aaron,” said his brother Ryan Kinnie.

Aaron is still in critical condition at Munson.

A fractured spine and ribs, a contusion on his lung and bleeding of the brain are just the beginning of what he is recovering from but he showed improvements on Wednesday.

“You have some positive things and then not so much positive things so we can just go day by day and hopefully we’ll have more good days than bad days,” said Dennis.

But the family is still left not knowing who did this to the man they all love.

“It’s heartbreaking, it really is it’s just sickening,” said Lauren Kinnie, Aaron’s sister. “I don’t know who could do that to somebody, leave a helpless loving dad in the middle of the road to die.”

Aaron has six young kids that he provides for, which is why a fundraising page was set up to help during the difficult time.

“He can do anything in my eyes and that’s what our six kids think as well so it’s really hard to not have him here,” said Jennifer.

To donate to Aaron and his family, click here.