Traverse City Fairy Trails Invite Creative Minds To Explore

The Fairy Trails are now open for exploration in Traverse City.

It’s a half-mile trail through the Cedar Cathedral Trail created for kids to enjoy spending time outside and to be creative.

It all began as simply as couple girls and their love for fairies.

The family project quickly turned into something the whole community could enjoy. 

“They were and still are fairy obsessed so we wanted to do something fun with them outside so we started building fairy houses,” said Jay Harrington.

The Harrington’s made the first few….

“First you find a good spot to put it them and then you go and find cool things to make the fairy house and then you build it and then you have a fairy house,” said Jay.

….then the idea trickled into the rest of the community.

“Through that the idea came that this might be a really fun thing for the community other kids are very into fairies and creative active time as well,” said Jay.

There are dozens of fairy houses along the half-mile trail.

Some are small and simple.

Others are more intricate, like this one. Twigs making up the fence and teeter totter, and a pine cone for a swing.

One thing they all have in common however – is they’re all made out of nature.

“So sticks bark rock seashells pine cones leaves anything you can find outside that’s all natural that’s fair game for a fairy house,” Jay said.

Jay says as much as his family enjoys the time outdoors together… It means something even more.

“You’re incorporating things like games and creativity and feel ownership over a place themselves that they’re sort of stewards for this area,” he said.

One of Maddie’s favorite parts is coming back with her family every week to check in on the trails and see what new houses have been built.

“If you haven’t seen em yet you have to come see them because they’re very cool,” she said.

Anyone is welcome to come enjoy the Fairy Trails…and anyone can also make a fairy house to contribute to the collection along the Cedar Cathedral Trail.

For more information, click here.

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