Pilot, Passenger Hospitalized After Plane Crash in Otsego County

A pilot and his passenger are hospitalized after their plane crashed in a field.

State police say it happened just a few hours ago near Gaylord.

They say the sea plane went down near Brink Trail, crashing into a field and flipping upside down.

Glass, debris and parts to the plane are scattered across the field. The wing looks like it was torn in half.

Troopers say the pilot clipped a tree before crashing into the field and turning upside down.

The trooper who first responded says the pilot and passenger were both older men.

They were conscious and talking when he arrived on scene.

Both were taken to Otsego Memorial Hospital and the pilot was eventually airlifted to another hospital for his injuries.

“The pilot was laying down, the passenger was sitting up, like I said both were able to communicate who they were and had their wits about them, but being in a plane crash they were injured,” Ron Rabineau, Michigan State Police Gaylord said.

The cause of the crash is still unknown.

Troopers say the FAA will investigate this on scene Tuesday.

We’re still working to find out where this plane took off from, and where it was headed.

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