Cheboygan Co. Deputies Searching Burt Lake for Possible Drowning Victim

Efforts to recover the body of a 26 year old man from Colorado continue on Burt Lake in Cheboygan County.

The man’s kayak flipped over while he was on Burt lake Wednesday night since then he has not been seen.

Search teams have set up a command center where for the last few days they have been using boats with sonar and GPS to scan the lake.

 Sheriff Dale Clarmont with Cheboygan County Sheriff’s department says “These lakes are very unforgiving” He also stressed the importance of wearing a life jacket anytime you are out on the water.

Sheriff Clarmont also shared the missing man was not wearing a life jacket with his kayak when it over turned on Wednesday.

Since the man’s disappearance the Sheriff’s department has sent up a grid to recover the man’s body.

“We’ve set up a grid pattern, and we are taking and going and clearing each grid area that we believe that he is in” Sheriff Clarmont added, “we’ll continue to search in a very methodical way until we can find this individual.”

Using GPS, crews say they have a live view of every foot of water a search party has been.

“We can track them live, where they’ve been, where the divers have been and where the other boats have been and then we can be sure every area is covered” said GIS specialist Sharon Weiss.

“Then we can go through the data and print out maps so everyone can see what has been checked.” She added.

Crews say the technology is helping them speed up their recovery efforts.

The Cheboygan County Sheriff’s department says they will continue their search until they can bring closure to the victim’s family.

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