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Larry Sevenski Sentenced In Antrim County

Larry Sevenski, avoiding jail time and probation in court.

But his conviction is still setting in.

A judge decided the 84-year-old will pay $1,500 in court costs and a $250 fine.

A jury found Sevenski guilty of assaulting an officer in July.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, Sevenski confronted troopers near his bar in Elmira.

He approached them aggressively, saying he had a bone to pick with them, and he wished he had a weapon.

Troopers took him to the ground, breaking his arm and nose in the process.

"He understands and regrets that he got out of his car that he made the statements."

84-year-old Larry Sevenski, standing mostly silent next to his attorney as a judge handed down his sentence. Even though he isn’t going to jail, Sevenski says he isn’t getting off easy.

"I will be suffering the rest of my life with my hands my injuries that occurred. I thank the system for not putting me in prison but I think the punishment is much more than I would have gotten if I had just went to jail," he said.

The prosecutor and Sevenski’s attorney agreeing with the decision because of Sevenski’s age, and lack of a prior criminal record.

"Mr. Sevenski was 83 when this occurred I don’t think I’ll be reading about him again and is justice served by putting him in jail?" said James Rossiter.

"We have a business to run and if I’m not there to run it we would lose everything. Plus we would have to hire someone to take care of my wife and we would lose everything if I went to jail," he said.

Now with the case behind him, it’s back to running his bar.

"I love the work. Take care of people help people it’s what we’ve been doing for 51 years," Larry said.

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