Cadillac’s Love INC Celebrates Grand Opening Following Devastating Fire

A devastating fire burned Cadillac’s Love INC to the ground last year and Thursday they are celebrating the grand opening of at a new building.

Last June, the building caught fire leaving behind rubble and ashes.

Love INC serves as a hub to provide services to the needy in Wexford and Osceola counties.

Now they are able to do that again.

People are celebrating the brand new facility on Sunnyside Drive in Cadillac.

It was hard for them to see a building that means so much to them completely destroyed but they all came together and now have a brand new facility to show.

The building is slightly smaller than it was before but they are still able to everything they could before and making use out of every space.

“We were able to get up and running in just a few days type of thing and we were in a temporary location and still serving the people best we could,” explains Executive director, Carol Dolan.

The building is full with people taking tours and taking in the brand new building that means so much to people here.

The open house goes until 7:00 Thursday night so there’s still time to come out and see if for yourself.

 There were only three things that were able to be saved from the fire and we’ll show you what one of those is tonight on 9&10 News at 11.

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