84-Year-Old Man Found Guilty Of Assaulting Trooper Avoids Jail Time

The 84-year old man found guilty of assaulting a trooper year has been sentenced.

Larry Sevenski will avoid any jail time.

A judge has now decided Sevenski will avoid any jail and restitution but he must pay court costs and fines.

A jury found the 84-year-old guilty of assaulting a trooper last month.

On St. Patrick’s Day Larry Sevenski confronted troopers near his bar in Elmira.

Troopers testified that when they tried to pat Sevenski down, he made a fist and tried to punch them.

That’s when they took him to the ground.

The courtroom was filled with people waiting anxiously for a decision.  

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when it came down.

Both of Sevenski’s attorney and the prosecutor said the 84-year-old should not go to jail or get probation.

They believed that because he doesn’t have a prior record and because of his age.

The judge agreed to a $250 fine and $1,500 in costs.

Even though he will stay out of jail, Sevenski says he is still dealing with what happened.

“I may not have had a harsh sentence from the judge but I will be suffering the rest of my life with my injuries that have occurred,” says Larry Sevenski.  

Both the prosecutor and Sevenski’s attorney said he shouldn’t get jail time because he’s had no prior record and because of his age. 

Thursday night on 9&10 News, we’ll have more on the sentencing and share what’s next for Larry Sevenski. 

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