What’s Growing With Tom: Week 11

It’s almost the end of the growing season and Tom O’Hare is back after another vacation to take a look at how the Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden is growing.

It’s time for a checkup on how the garden is doing and there is good and bad news.

The good news is I harvested the broccoli but with no off shoots the plants are done for the season. 

This zucchini doesn’t look the best but with some pruning I think we’ll see a few more grow.

My peppers are very nice and have no complaints with them.

This tomato plant is not doing great but is producing, so that’s good.

As for the carrots, as expected they are very small right now, but when I take out the broccoli the extra sun should help out.

The other bed is about the same.

We talked about the lettuce a few weeks ago and the general consensus was they are done. 

I’ll keep the seed for next year but that’s about it.

This tomato plant and green beans are good to go and this zucchini is done as well. 

So not bad, but I’m hoping for more. 

So next week, I’m bringing back Justin Morgan from Morgan Composting to add some amendments and hope to boost what’s left of the growing season. 

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