Northern Michigan’s News Leader Takes on the Great American Eclipse

From coast to coast across the country, millions of people are preparing to watch the solar eclipse.

It’s the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in nearly a century and we are following it every step of the way.

9&10’s David Lyden will be in Madisonville, Kentucky all day.

People are set up here ready to experience this eclipse.

They’ve been coming in since early Monday morning, many of them traveling across the country just to be here.

We are in what’s called the zone of totality, meaning Monday afternoon we will experience total darkness for 1 minute and 47 seconds.

The temperature here will drop and the stars will start coming out.

The hundreds of people who are here will be absolutely fixated on the sky as the earth, sun and moon align.

We spoke to one man who came in with friends this morning and says this is an opportunity that could not be passed up.

 “I think it’s going to be a great party and I think it’s also good for people to get a sense of, you know, how important astronomy is and how it really matters,” says Johan Bullen. “People predicted this decades out.

The fact that we’re able to do this is something that will inspire people to look at science in a different way.”

Northern Michigan’s new Leader will have a full recap of the day’s events tonight on 9&10 News at 5 and 6.

Also, stay with us on social media for what promises to be a memorable day.