Traverse City Health Club Welcomes Inventor Of The Indo Board

A Traverse City fitness center is getting a special addition to one of its popular workout classes Thursday and Friday morning.

It’s the inventor of one of their popular pieces of unique workout equipment.

It teaches important skills people should be cognizant of in their everyday lives.

It’s called the Indo Board and it helps improve strength, posture, and balance.

Hunter Joslin essentially threw a piece of wood on a cylinder when he was 14 years old to keep up with his surfing skills when he wasn’t on the water.

“I learned to do my homework literally doing what I’m doing now balancing and reading books so I’m getting all the exercise you use in surfing and doing my homework,” he said.

Fast forward a few decades to age 65 — working with people all over the world demonstrating the importance of core strength at every age.

“The core is the foundation for all fitness and all movement patterns,” he said. “If this isn’t strong you cannot work to your optimum.”

They do typical workouts like pressing dumbbells and holding planks.

But the instability makes the workout that much more challenging.

“When you’re doing engagement on a solid ground, boredom can be very easy, your mind can wander,” he said. “You can think of okay I gotta pick up my kids this afternoon and you’re doing dumbbell presses well if you’re doing that on an unstable surface and Indo Board, your mind can’t wander you have to be in moment.”

Core strength creates a domino effect.

The stronger the core, the straighter the posture — an important message.

“In this day and age of this and this ya notice my head is forward my shoulders are rounded out and posture is all about shoulders back and head up.”

And the better the posture…the better the balance.

Something trainer Bob Guenther has seen improvements in his own students in the classes he teaches in Traverse City.

“The results are phenomenal,” Bob said. “I have 40 students that can freestyle these boards now and of the 40 I have 7 between ages 70 and 75 that have never done balance before that are able to do these things.”

Proving age can’t define — like a good workout can.

“It’s a great addiction,” Bob said.

To incorporate the Indo Board into your workout routine, click here.

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