Jack’s Journal: Elvis Tribute Artist

He’s the king of rock and roll, loved by millions. In Bellaire in Antrim County he’s loved by one guy. Since he was 16, he’s been doing Elvis. He got the theatre bug in junior high.

“I had the lead in the play we did in 8th grade. That was my first big stage debut, if you could call it that,” explained Jake Slater.

Yes, he got teased about his Elvis act, but that didn’t stop him. 

Jake grew up loving the driving Elvis beat. He loved the Elvis image and he enjoyed performing the music. 

He doesn’t mind the term impersonator, but he considers himself a tribute artist.

“It’s really not so much about the look, it’s about the performance. It’s about doing Elvis music in an appropriate way that keeps it going for future generations,” said Jake.

This Elvis has found his Priscilla in Laura West, model and Ann-Margret tribute artist. Together they perform and enjoy remembering the past.

Neither of these two ever saw Elvis perform live, but now 40 years after his death he is being remembered and this Elvis, Jake asks on this anniversary don’t think of Elvis at the end. Remember him not only as an artist, but as the regular guy he was.

“Think about him for everything he achieved. Everything that he did, not just in show business, but in life. He loved family, he loved God, he went to church, he sang gospel music. He wasn’t just a rebel rock and roller,” explained Jake.

Elvis a one name, worldwide icon.

Jake maybe not be that famous, but as a tribute artist he’s wants to leave you all shook up!

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