Hometown Tourist: Primitive Images

Take a trip down scenic M-119, along the Lake Michigan shoreline and you’ll find the quaint little town of Good Hart.

Hometown Tourist takes us to Primitive Images, a quiet spot for a roadside break you’ll want to take when driving through the tunnel of trees.

“It has a quaint feel to it, it’s old time, quiet, we have some great wilderness here and forests so it makes it a wonderful place for most people they kind of come in the door and they go ‘wow this is great,” noted owner Ceci Bauer.

A cabin moved down from Canada and turned into this quaint shop, Primitive Images. It’s a place to explore with something new in each corner from furniture to jewelry.

“What I like to offer is something of the Northwood’s for people to put in their little cottages and cabins, or take home for a feel of northern Michigan. We carry rustic furniture, some twig, some log, some antiques, some primitives but we also have a lot of accessories. We’re big on jewelry from all over the world, even from Israel,” said Bauer.

But the experience here doesn’t stop at the unique items you can take home.

There’s a tea room in the back with a variety of teas, but take a step outside and there’s something tasty being served up.

“The crepe concession cart. Our sweet ones, we have cherry joy, which has cherries and pecans and whipped cream inside and a s’mores, a good old fashioned northern Michigan and our savory is our tunnel of trees asparagus tomatoes and other veggies inside,” explained Bauer.

Grab a cup of tea, a crepe or something special to take home and sit and enjoy the gardens here along M-119, you’ll be sure to leave ready to hit the road again.

“My favorite part is really the reaction it gives the people, it really gives them a feel and a taste of the old time. I really like the way people enjoy it, that’s really my favorite part,” said Bauer.

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