NASA Encourages Safe Total Solar Eclipse Viewing, Warns Against Phony Glasses

Millions of Americans will be staring up at the sky on August 21.

That’s when a rare total solar eclipse will be visible in certain parts of the country.

You need special glasses to protect your eyes, but NASA says it is seeing lots of fakes on the market that could be dangerous.

On Aug. 21 the moon will pass between the Earth and the sun. 

Most of the country will see a partial eclipse, but millions will get to witness a total eclipse as the moon completely blocks the sun on a path from Oregon to South Carolina.

Manufacturers are cranking out millions of safety glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse, but NASA warns plenty of phony glasses are on the market and could be dangerous. 

Certified glasses have an ISO icon and the number 123122.

It’s also important that the lenses are not scratched or damaged.

If they are, you may be in danger of hurting your eye sight.

To find a list of reputable manufactures and authorized dealers, click here