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What’s Growing With Tom: Week Nine

Promo Image: What’s Growing With Tom: Week Nine

Tom O’Hare is back from Ireland and is working in the weather garden.

It’s time harvest for the plants and today he was going over everything.

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is most of the broccoli bolted, meaning went to seed and now are not edible. They heads are good for compost.

Fortunately, there is one head that’s perfect and we expect regrowth on the others in the coming weeks.

Our zucchini, peppers, green beans and tomatoes are good and just waiting for more development.  

The other bad news are all the heads of lettuce! They bolted as well and are just not edible like the broccoli. 

Send me your suggestions on using them at

Next week, we talk with Morgan Composting to see what we can do to make the garden even better!