US Army Corps of Engineers Releases Invasive Carp Report

There’s a new plan to keep Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will take a mix of technology, like loud noises and water jets, at a site in Illinois, the Brandon Road complex.

It’s considered a crucial site in the efforts to block the invasive species near electric barriers.

The report also suggests installing another electric barrier.

Governor Rick Snyder issued a statement Monday.

“The release of the Army Corps of Engineers plan for Brandon Road Lock and Dam marks a critically important step forward in the fight to protect our Great Lakes from invasive carp. The plan lays out important steps that must be taken to stop the relentless advance of silver and bighead carp toward Lake Michigan. It is time for all the Great Lakes states and Canadian provinces – and all who care about the lakes — to come together to demand action at Brandon Road Lock and Dam, a critical pinch point for stopping invasive carp. These harmful invaders are advancing toward the Great Lakes at an alarming rate and we cannot wait any longer to take immediate, decisive action.”