Traverse City Commissioners Vote On Additional Money For Prop. 3 Lawsuit

It’s been a topic we’ve been covering for months, but it could be coming to an end, at least for now.

A lawsuit filed against Traverse City regarding Proposal 3 was dismissed by a judge last month.

The judge dismissed the suit saying 326 Land Development Company was not far enough in the process to file suit.

City commissioners originally approved $30,000 for outside counsel to represent them.

And even though the case is done for now, bills are still trickling in.

So the city manager requested an additional $30,000.

Commissioners approved it Monday night to finish paying the bills and to be used in the future, if any more lawsuits follow.

“This isn’t a new suit, this isn’t any new legal action,” said city commissioner Amy Shamroe. “It’s just paying the bills that were already out there but they exceeded the amount we originally agreed to. By the law, the city manager can’t approve more spending than we’ve approved already for him.”

Mary Carruthers was the only one to vote against this.

If all of the money approved Monday night is not used for the lawsuit, it will just go back in the fund for other uses in the city.