The ARC of Midland Collects Donations for Residents After Apartment Complex Fire

One week ago flames took over part of a Midland apartment building, leaving nearly 200 people without a place to stay.

Now, the community is stepping up to help.

We’ve been following this story since the fire broke out last Monday.

Since then, The ARC of Midland has been there helping in any way they can.

Nearly 200 people had to be evacuated from the Greenhill Apartments on Eastlawn Drive in Midland.

The ARC is now helping with donated supplies, with the United Way handling cash donations for everything from damage to a new play to stay.

The fire comes on the heels of a devastating flood, posing a challenge for the many seniors and disabled that live at the apartments.

“The reality is that when people live so close to the poverty line, right? Crisis is always just a few minutes away, really and truly. So what we do, what our business is to help people have good lives and to help people to manage the very scarce resources that they have in the best way possible,” explained Jan Lampman, executive director at The ARC of Midland.

You can help by donating money or supplies, in person or online, here