Water filtration system in West Virginia among the elite


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia has had its share of problems treating drinking water, but a facility in Morgantown is one of a few in the country that cleans water so that it far exceeds federal and state health standards.

State health officials say the water treatment centers generally do well testing and removing contaminants, though they sent almost 5,000 violation letters last year.

Morgantown’s system, serving 100,000 people, received none.

In a $40 million upgrade, it added advanced filtration with membranes so tiny they block most pathogens.

Its approach is unique in West Virginia and uncommon nationally, where it would likely cost billions of dollars for all other U.S. systems to do the same.

Morgantown draws raw water from the dirty Monongahela River, with more than 16,000 sources of potential contaminants.

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