Milan police arrest man in kidnapping of British model


ROME (AP) — Milan police say they have jailed a Polish man in the kidnapping of a British model who was held captive for six days last month.

The police said the man was being held Saturday on suspicion of kidnapping for extortion purposes.

Milan daily newspaper Corriere della Sera said the 20-year-old model was lured to a fake film set on July 11.

Based on court documents, the newspaper says she then was drugged and abducted. Corriere della Sera reports the alleged captor told the woman she could be freed upon payment of 50,000 euros.

The report said investigators also are exploring the possibility the woman was abducted so she could be auctioned off online.

The paper says she was released July 17 because her alleged abductor discovered she had a young child and considered her unsuitable for sex trafficking.

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