Chicago to sue US Justice Department over funding threat


CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city will sue the federal government in defense of its status as a so-called sanctuary city.

Emanuel on Friday told “Connected to Chicago” on WLS-AM that the city will be in federal court Monday arguing grants can’t be withheld from cities the administration says aren’t cooperating enough with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The interview will air Sunday.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last month that local governments would lose Byrne Justice Assistance Grants if they do not give advance notice when immigrants in the country illegally are about to be released from custody. He also wants immigration agents to have access to local jails.

Officials say Chicago this year expects to receive $3.2 million in such grants. The money would mostly be used to buy police vehicles.

During the interview, Emanuel said the city will not pick between its values and strengthening the police department.

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