Blind Camp Gives N. Michigan People A Week Of Brand New Opportunities

The Michigan Community Service for the Blind and Physically Challenged takes their members on all sorts of adventures.

This week they learned how to fly a plane, and even sail a 40-foot sail boat.

They don’t have their licenses so they usually tandem bike to their events. Today’s event – golf.

About 30 members, all blind or legally blind, spent the morning chipping, putting, and driving.

Collin McCubben is 28 years old and this is his first time golfing — ever.

He was born with 20/20 vision and became blind when he was about 2 years old.

“I’ve been blind for so long I don’t really let it bother me anymore,” Collin said.

Larry Hubbell has spent the past several decades serving as the director for blind camps — attending just about every trip.

He didn’t even have to swing the club today to have fun.

“My main fun is this – it’s when I see a smile on their face, it puts a smile on my face,” Larry said.

Just because they don’t have perfect vision — doesn’t mean they can’t have a good time just like anyone else.

“They’re blind or legally blind but ya treat em like normal people,” Larry said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a blind person can do anything.”

The day ended with everyone getting behind the wheel, another activity most have never done.

“My favorite part was driving the golf cart — behind the wheel. It felt awesome,” Collin said. “I don’t drive that much in real life so it felt cool to drive for a change.”

The summer camp is over now but registration for the winter camp is available where they’ll do activities like downhill skiing, tubing, and snowmobiling.

Blind campers and volunteers may request registration forms by calling Camp Director E. Larry Hubbell at 248-634-4379, 248-459-3165 or writing to him at 812 Academy Road, Holly, MI, 48442.  Those wishing to donate may do so by writing a check to Michigan Conference with “Blind Camp” in the memo and mailing it to Michigan Conference, 812 Academy Road, Holly, MI, 48442.