Possible new Banksy graffiti surfaces on West Bank barrier


BETHELEHEM, West Bank (AP) — Graffiti resembling the work of elusive artist Banksy and showing President Donald Trump kissing an Israeli army watchtower has appeared on Israel’s West Bank separation barrier.

It wasn’t clear if the work seen on Friday in the city of Bethlehem was indeed done by Banksy.

In another drawing, Trump is depicted wearing a Jewish skullcap. A cartoon bubble next to him says: “I’m going to build you a brother.”

Israel built the barrier a decade ago, during an armed Palestinian uprising. Israel says the barrier is meant to stop Palestinian suicide bombers and gunmen from entering the country. Palestinians say the barrier, which slices off about 10 percent of the West Bank, is a land grab.

Banksy has made forays into the Palestinian territories in the past.

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