Seeking a dream, Indonesian family finds nightmare in Raqqa


AIN ISSA, Syria (AP) — A young Indonesian woman recounts how she convinced her family two years ago that they should all chase the dream of a new Islamic society advertised by IS in slickly produced propaganda videos and social media.

It’s a journey that took now 19-year-old Nurshardrina Khairadhania, who goes by her nickname Nur, and her relatives from Jakarta to Turkey and to the city of Raqqa — the heart of the Islamic State group’s caliphate in Syria.

Nur has told The Associated Press in an interview that it wasn’t long before they saw their hopes of a better life shattered and they started planning their escape from the militants.

Her family is among thousands from Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East who fell for the lure of IS propaganda.

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