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Traverse City Patriots Game T-Shirt Design Unveiled

A Traverse City West Senior High School student received a special honor, her winning t-shirt design for a big football game was unveiled.

For the past six years, West and TC Central play a special football game against each other called the Patriot Game.

It’s to raise money and honor for veterans, fallen heroes, and active duty military and first responders.

Wednesday Rosemarie Soma was awarded a $300 Meijer gift card for her t-shirt design.

The money raised from the t-shirts and game proceeds will go to a veteran suicide prevention program 22 2 None.

The name stems from the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide in the U.S.

Rosemarie Soma says she wanted that to be represented in the shirt design and dedicated one of the feathers to her cousin who committed suicide because of PTSD.

“I just thought of an eagle some friends gave me inspiration too he should be holding a football, I was like that’s good and then when I was doing the feathers I was just like how sweet would it be to put 22, for the 22 2 None.”

Shirts go on sale Monday, the game is September 8.

Red shirts are for Traverse City West and blue shirts are for Traverse City Central.

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