Lake City Trucking School Bought by Wolverine Power Co-Op

Baker College’s training facility for truck drivers switched hands this week, its new owners teach a different hands-on skill.

Wolverine Power Cooperative plans to continue using the Lake City building as a training ground, but this time for putting apprentice linemen in the air.

Linemen and journeymen climb, maintain and build 100 foot towers that keep lights on for wolverine’s customers.

The new Electric Utility Training Center will teach recruits how to get the job done safely.

Wolverine’s Vice President Joseph Baumann says the new facility doesn’t keep training behind the desk either.

In addition to traditional classrooms and a hands-on lab, there will be a new outdoor climbing area.

“We’re going to be building some things on site, like a pole yard so these folks can climb,” Baumann says. “You’re going to be seeing these people climbing when you drive up M-66. Really what this building and property brings us is a number of different areas to train these folks.”

Classes start with 50 students in September.