Train Hits Construction Equipment, Crashes in Roscommon Co.

A train collided with equipment on the track in Roscommon.

Deputies say a track switch in the wrong position is to blame for this crash.

The crash happened just after 10 Monday night.

The train engineer says he saw the track switch was in the wrong spot and tried to stop but couldn’t.

The crash happened on the railroad tracks near Shelley and Brooks Road in Roscommon.

The sheriff tells us it was because the tracks were shifted, sending the train towards some construction carts.

The sheriff says the engineer told them the train was going 25 miles per hour and because of the track switch, he went into construction that was parked on the track.

The Lake State Railway Company was working on the track earlier that day.

They do own the train and the tracks.

No one was hurt in the train wreck, but witnesses say they’re still in shock.

“It looked bad. I knew something was going on after seeming how many vehicles were here. I thought something happened maybe it was derailed or something like that,” said Brandon Pearce, who works nearby where the crash happened. “I couldn’t believe it. A train crashed, that’s pretty heavy. I was just worried that everyone was OK.”

A crew from the railroad company was on scene but declined to speak with us.