Greenhill Apartments Catch Fire, Nearly 200 Evacuated

The fire is out but the search is on for possible victims and pets after tearing through a Midland County apartment high rise.

Smoke was pouring out of the Greenhill Apartments Monday evening.

It had fire crews from four different departments responding.

They say it started on the eighth floor.

No one was hurt, but firefighters had to evacuate nearly 200 people, some by ladder.

The tenant of the apartment the fire started in was not at home when it sparked.

A woman inside says she had no real choice but to go out to her balcony.

Thankfully, fire crews were ready.

“There was smoke and water coming all over outside my door, so I slammed my door, I grabbed my purse and put my shoes on, went to the balcony and the fire department was coming up to get me at the same time,” Heidi Nelson said.

Firefighters believe a candle may have started the fire.

Midland High School has opened up to help out those displaced by the fire, with Red Cross opening up a shelter nearby.

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader as we continue to learn more about this fire.