Cadillac Car Salesman Hits New Milestone

Car shoppers coming back for generations.
It’s one reason this man has sold thousands of cars. 

Dan Moriarty has worked at Don’s Auto Clinic in Cadillac for 35 years. 
He hit a new milestone, selling 6,000 vehicles. 
That’s about 200 cars a year, or 18 per month. Dan sold all of them at Don’s Auto Clinic in Cadillac. 
Dan says working hard, being involved in the community and having a great product are just a few secrets to his success. 
And after all these years, his favorite part is still helping people. 
"Seeing the smile on their face, putting them in a car and then when I see them somewhere or someone tells me how happy they are with a car when they see them in the store so that’s the part I like is making them happy," he said. 
Dan plans to continue working at Don’s Auto Clinic, and says he’s very grateful for his family’s support.