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What’s Growing with Tom: Week Seven

Promo Image: What’s Growing with Tom: Week Seven

Chief meteorologist Tom O’Hare is across the Atlantic on the Emerald Isle for the Shades of Ireland Tour.

So this week we’re checking in with meteorologist Melanie Steinberg to see what’s growing in the Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden.

This is my first time gardening so let’s get to it.

I planted some flowers on Saturday and they’re looking OK now, but they looked better on Saturday.

Now, even though some of my flowers didn’t really survive, the other plants are looking great.

The zucchini is getting nice and big and I’m actually going to pull some off, don’t worry Tom gave me permission to do so!

The broccoli and peppers are also looking nice and healthy.

The tomatoes are still kind of small, but are growing in nicely.

Next week, we’ll have a "true" gardener from Walravens come and talk about what we can do to keep the garden healthy and make it better.