Fife Lake Inn Works To Re-Open After Kitchen Fire Damage

A Grand Traverse County restaurant is working against the clock to re-open after a kitchen fire forced them to close.

Their grill caught on fire last Tuesday afternoon and they’ve been closed ever since.

The fire damaged equipment in the kitchen at the Fife Lake Inn on East State Street in Fife Lake, including their grill, the fryer and flat top.

The restaurant says they need them to operate.

This past week has been spent ordering replacement equipment and getting it installed.

The restaurant says this has not been an easy process, but they are encouraged by the progress they’ve made.

Co-owner Amanda Gwizdala says, “Our staff has been very understanding and they’re asking everyday what’s going on, what’s happening, so we keep everyone updated and try to keep everyone in the public updated as much as we can. It’s just one of those things we don’t know the final answer.”

Their goal is to be open by Friday.