Naked Man Arrested After Chasing Seagulls At Petoskey State Park

An odd sight for a group of beach-goers in Emmet County as they watched a naked downstate man chasing seagulls in public.

State police say they received a call around 3:00 Sunday afternoon about a fully-naked man running around chasing seagulls at a beach at the Petoskey State Park.

The man then returned to the parking lot, where he dove into the pavement.

Troopers say when they tried to arrest the Ann Arbor man, he began to scream and threatened a trooper.

They were eventually able to get him under control and took him to the hospital for the injuries he received when he dove into the parking lot.

Troopers were told the man had taken LSD earlier in the day.

The man is now facing multiple charges, including indecent exposure and resisting and obstructing a police officer.

He’s being held at the Emmet County jail, where he’s awaiting arraignment.