Munson Healthcare Receives $120,000 Donation For Kids Creek Restoration Project

A generous donation was awarded to help phase two of a Munson Medical Center project.

Traverse City officials, the Watershed Center and even U.S. senators were at Munson Medical Center Friday morning as they received a $120,000 check from Consumers Energy Foundation for the Kids Creek Restoration.

The creek runs through Munson property.

The grant will help pay for projects to help get Kids Creek off the state’s impaired waters list.

Munson Healthcare says this restoration project will make the community a better place.

“As a healthcare organization we tend to think about the health of our community and Traverse City’s health is really linked to water quality and so this isn’t just a nice pretty addition to the hospital campus,” Steven Tongue, V.P. of facilities, Munson Healthcare said.

This will be the final, large scale restoration project for Kids Creek.