Antrim Co. Jury Finds Larry Sevenski Guilty of Assaulting Trooper

Two trial days, seven witnesses and several hours of deliberation and Thursday an Antrim County jury found Larry Sevenski guilty.

Thursday Sevenski, who’s is now 84, was convicted of assaulting an officer.

 Back in March is when Sevenski says a customer came into his bar in Elmira saying the cops were outside waiting for people to come out.

Sevenski then says he went out in his car to find them, in the process state troopers pulled him over.

He got out and told them "He had a bone to pick with them".

Just a few moments later he says he was taken down to the ground.

 9&10’s Megan Woods was there when he testified as the final witness and has Thursday’s top story.

“Next thing you know I’m on the ground getting the hell beat out of me.”

Larry Sevenski didn’t have to get on the stand, but his attorneys say he wanted to share his side of his story.

Sevenski says, “I was worried about my customers so I got in the car and drove, went across to talk to the police and see what I was doing wrong, If I’m doing something wrong let’s get it taken care of.”

He was on the stand for less than 30 minutes. From there attorneys made their closing arguments

Antrim County Prosecutor James Rossiter says to the jury, “The troopers went into detail about the traffic stop and gave it to you step by step. Mr. Sevenski took the stand and corroborated a lot of what they said most importantly he never denied what they said.”

Co Counselor for Sevenski, Richard Steiger says, “He (the trooper) knew Mr. Sevenski, he called him Larry. This is a man well established in the community his hearing issue is known by everyone who knows him.”

Five hours of jury deliberation including a deadlock at one point, and the jury had a final decision.

The court clerk asks, “What is your verdict for police officer assaulting resisting obstructing?” One juror responds with, “Guilty.”

For Sevenski’s attorneys this guilty verdict is disappointing.

Steiger says, “I actually dedicated my time to this case because I truly believed in me Sevenski’s innocence I did a pro-bono, of course we’re disappointed.”

Sevenski’s sentencing is scheduled for next month.