2 New Street Pianos Unveiled In Traverse City

Two new pianos hit the streets of Traverse City on Thursday.

Hundreds of people came out for the unveiling of the new street pianos.

Balloons, crafts for the kids, a walk through the city and of course, student musicians playing the pianos.

It was a team effort by Life and Whim, Interlochen Center for the Arts and Traverse City Tourism.

Middle school students painted the piano in the Warehouse District.

Faculty members painted the one on the corner of Front and Park Street.

The plan started last year with one piano and this year two more were added.

“There’s folks in town, some might be a little bit older, and moved into a smaller space and don’t have room for a piano in their new home, but love to come out and play the piano downtown and kind of go there several times a week so it’s a lot of fun for the whole community,” said owner of Life and Whim Jay Harrington.

The pianos will be out for as long as the weather permits so make sure you head out to Traverse City to play one for yourself.