Test Results Released For Water Issue In Crawford County

Test results released Wednesday night for the water issue in Crawford County.

The Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs discovered traces of PFC’s in the groundwater near the Grayling Airfield earlier this year.

Those living there have been having their water tested and the results were released Wednesday night.

“Tonight we will bring everybody up to date on the ongoing work that we have done, the data that we have collected, talk about what we know and talk about what we don’t know,” said Major General Greg Vadnais.

A packed room at Camp Grayling as nearby homeowners came out for the water testing results.

“There were several wells that had positive detections. There were only three residential wells that were above the EPA Lifetime Health Advisory,” said Dave Lindsay, a geologist with the DEQ.

Still, concerns linger about the safety of the water.

“There’s a lot of issues, it’s not going to get better it’s only going to get worse,” said one homeowner.

“I got four or 500 kids drinking that water nine months a year, what do we do?” said a concerned resident. “I don’t want to feed the kids bad water, simple.”

“I’m pretty sure all of you don’t have to do that on a daily basis so when is that going to happen, when every sink in my house can be made sure that it’s safe,” said another homeowner.

Other concerns brought up were how this could affect property value, and where the money for the testing will come from. 

“This is not just another issue, this is very personal for me and for the staff up here,” said Major General Greg Vadnais.

All the agencies involved are working together and say this is just the very beginning of the investigation and they still have a long way to go.

“It’s important that as we answer questions, as we gather information; I’ve been committed that we share that with the community and talk about what it means, what actions we’re taking and what actions we may take in the future depending on where the data and the information takes us,” said Major General Greg Vadnais.