Northern Michigan in Focus: Pirate Ship

If the pirate’s life is for you, then you’ll want to head to Mackinaw City. 

That’s where Star Line keeps the Good Fortune, its brand new pirate ship.

We’re walking the plank in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“The ‘Black Rose,’ that’s how everyone aboard the ship and knows me. I’m the Black Rose.”

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! It’s time for adventure on the Straits of Mackinac aboard the pirate ship Good Fortune.

“I was thinking, well, maybe we’ll be able to see some cannons and see pirates and stuff,” said pirate-in-training Eli.

The little lad Eli was right, but first there was work to do.

 “So, the minute they get on we keep it action-packed, from the second we leave until we come back, from raising the pirate flag and learning about the boat,” the Black Rose explained.

After swabbing the deck, the little pirates must protect their ship.

“Ready, aim, fire those cannons!”

Safe from the kracken, the crew goes underneath the bridge for a sneak attack on Fort Michilimackinac.

“I was thinking like, ‘Wow, that is so cool!’ What I liked about the canon mostly is I like how it shot out fire,” Eli said.

But the cannon fire unleashed something from the bottom of the Straits.

“Oh my God, I think we stirred something from the sea! Shiver me timbers, do you think it could be treasure, me loves? Do you see it over there? Should we go get it?” the Black Rose asked the young crew.

She explained, “So, we pull it from the sea and make them all sit down and make it very dramatic, ‘It might be a booby trap!’ and then we open it.”

Eli said, “Now, I’m pretty sure, I’m thinking I’m not afraid of pirates anymore. It means if I have this coin, I’m a part of the pirate crew and I’m their family.”

Then, there’s a dance to celebrate!

If you ever wanted to see pure joy, all you have to look at is Eli’s face.

“We were doing this and we were doing that, and I was just having a great time,” Eli said.

How could you end a pirate ship voyage without a sword fight?

“It’s so great to see some of the from some of the kids. Honestly, I mean to me, I watch these kids and they come and run and jump in my arms and are like, ‘Thank you!’ Everybody that is coming off here is like thank you, and smiling, and they’re happy, and that’s exactly what we want to provide for everybody,” explained the Black Rose.

“I had a great time! It was, like, unbelievable,” Eli said.

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