What’s Growing with Tom: Week Six

The Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden is looking great!

Tomatoes remain a worry, but at least there are some growing. The plant’s so thick I’ll be thinning it out soon.

I ripped out a green bean plant, because it’s going to be overgrown by the zucchini.

I’m happy to report the peppers and lettuce are on schedule.

My other tomato plant looks a little worse than the first. Trimming is definitely needed.

While the core of the broccoli is perfect, the lower leaves are very yellow, just like the zucchini. Removing them is not a problem.

Lastly, the carrots are growing but, with the big plants growing around them, I have a feeling they will not be that big at harvest. We’ll wait and see!

I want to thank Deb Stafford for sending me a few pics of her garden. She’s using old tires to hold in the heat and the tomatoes are fantastic!

I’m off the next two weeks, so Melanie will be taking over.

I can’t wait to see what she’s done when I get back.  

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