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Northern Bohemian Store on Wheels Offers Unique Mode Of Shopping

Promo Image: Northern Bohemian Store on Wheels Offers Unique Mode Of Shopping

“Thinking of food trucks – why not do a fashion truck?”

Everything from shirts, to shorts, to handbags, to jewelry, accessories, and everything in between.

Martha Raymond drives Northern Bohemian from location to location across the North–like Market-22 — and even her friends’ driveways.

Martha’s favorite part of her new gig?

“Pull up for a few hours people shop it shut the doors and drive away,” said Martha.

…so she can spend more time with her family.

Plus, it’s a no-brainer for her to be surrounded everyday by what she loves – fashion.

Her long-time friends can attest.

"If you look at her she’s always dressed to the hilt," said Molly.

Martha extends her fashion expertise beyond just herself.

“It’s great when I go to buy a piece she’s like and this can go with that and fine-tuning pieces that I would not normally pick out,” Molly said.

With her friends sporting Northern Bohemian regularly…

“I got these cool pants there,” Molly.

…because they say the pieces are one of a kind.

“She always has really unique items and fun things I would never find anywhere else,” Martha says. “I don’t want the story to be shoved with clothing everywhere, I want someone to get a unique piece.”

To find out where her store will be on any given day, check out her !