Victim Speaks Out After Suttons Bay Man Accused Of Assaulting 3 Women

“You want to stop? Because I’m **** filming you. Well great. You ripped my bathing suit. Get away from us. Get away from us.”

It’s video you’ll only see on 9&10 News.

Sent to us from an alleged victim of an attack at a Leelanau County hot tub.

Police arrested a man on three counts of assault and battery at the Bayview condos.

The incident left three women injured and shaken up.

A resident’s daughter and her friends at the Bayview condos were assaulted over the weekend for an incident that happened at a hot tub.

“I don’t feel safe anymore,” said one of the victims. “Every time I see a man now I get a little bit on edge.”

We are told it happened after a recent string of trespassing incidents.

“Unfortunately the group that ended up getting the brunt of this came after the others had just left, the ones that had been causing the problems,” said Bob MacEachran, president of the Bayview Homeowners Association.

One of the victims tells us they joined a group of five girls, who they later found out were trespassing and told to leave.

“He didn’t even give us a chance to speak for ourselves, we weren’t trying to cause any ruckus or anything in the community we were just trying to hang out for the evening,” said one of the victims.

The man’s accused of attempting to pull one woman out of the hot tub ripping her bathing suit, punching another woman in the mouth and knocking down the third woman.

Leaving scratches, bruises and cuts on all three.

“We felt very violated, extremely violated,” said one of the victims. “He took advantage of us because we were young women and I think that’s really messed up.”

The victim said there were two other men and two other women there, but they wouldn’t help them.

"Do you know what the **** you’re doing? Sir we just need help, we just need help, you don’t need help you need to be ******* quiet"

“What should have happened was the police should have been able to come do the job unfortunately one of our residents took it upon himself,” said MacEachran. “That should not have happened, we do not condone that.”

“Every time I see a man with a goatee, I get a little bit anxious,” said one of the victims. “I hope that will go away, I don’t know that it will, this is an experience all of us will live with forever; just a stranger attacked us.”