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Traverse City Police Department Creates LGBTQ Liaison

Promo Image: Traverse City Police Department Creates LGBTQ Liaison

Traverse City Police are adding a unique aspect to their patrols, an LGBTQ Liaison.

It started last week and although it’s a new title, there was no new hire necessary.

A few months ago Patrol Officer Taylor Comiskey realized the LGBTQ community has specific needs and that police need a better way to understand and address those needs to make sure they are there for everyone in the Traverse City community.

The Officer Comiskey won’t just be out on the road, but helping put on seminars to inform other officers and the public.

She says, “How to respectfully address somebody who may identify as transgender, these are all important things we as the face of the police department have to be able to make someone feel comfortable to come to us because if they don’t come to us we can’t help them.”

For more information on the new LGBTQ Liaison program email