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Suttons Bay Man Accused of Assaulting 3 Women in Hot Tub

A frightening hot tub encounter with the aftermath caught on camera.

A Suttons Bay man was arrested after Leelanau County deputies say he assaulted three women in a hot tub.

The cell phone video is dark, but you can still make out what’s happening.

It happened Saturday on North Dockside Circle in Suttons Bay.

The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office says the three women told them they were sitting in the hot tub when a man came up to them and said they needed to leave immediately.

A short time late, the sheriff’s office says the man returned and tried to pull one of the women from the hot tub. Another woman tried to stop him, but he punched her in the mouth. The third woman in the hot tub was then kicked and knocked down.

The woman who was grabbed had scratches on her body and a torn bathing suit top.

The suspect was arrested on three counts of assault and battery.