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Jack’s Journal: Typewriters

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Typewriters

The sound is distinctive. When you hear it you know what it is, if you are old enough.  The typewriter is still in active duty in some offices.

“I’ve worked for the company for 29 years and they’ve been here that long,” said Karen Wierenga, Peninsula Construction.

A check with a business machine service company confirmed that yes, typewriters, though slim in numbers, are still being used in some offices. But why, with the do-everything computer?

Well just the other day, a computer outage could have caused some issues, but the typewriter was ready to type those checks.

“It took me a little while to type checks. Haven’t done that in years,” Karen said.

And people got paid.  Karen says there are other forms that come in and they like the professional look of the typewriter.  She says it’s easy to go from the computer keyboard to the typewriter keys, and, yes, she gets comments about them.

“They are surprised there is an antique sitting on the desk,” explained Karen.

These two machines are well cared for and do take many of us back to a different era and those typing class memories.

“Oh, definitely. I remember in ninth grade, my first year that I had typing class, and the teacher, if he caught you looking at the keys, he had a ruler and he would hit your typewriter and it scared the heck out of you!” explained Karen.

I recently read that typewriters are regaining fans due to the low-techness. So much so, they are favorites at thrift stores and antique shops.