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Grand Traverse Co. Parents Charged After Narcan Saves Baby Daughter’s Life

Promo Image: Grand Traverse Co. Parents Charged After Narcan Saves Baby Daughter’s Life

An 11-month-old Grand Traverse County baby treated with Narcan then rushed to the hospital.

Court documents say the parents were home back in June when the baby got ahold of a pill.

From there they called 911 and Narcan was used.

The hospital discovered cocaine and an opiate in the baby’s system.

9&10’s Megan Woods has details on the devastating impact this type of incident can have and what’s happened to the child.

An overdose reversal device was used on an 11-month-old baby girl is unimaginable for many.

Marketing and development specialist of Child and Family Services Northwestern Michigan, Amanda Elliott says, “It’s a really horrible thing to happen to anyone, especially someone that young. It’s hard to believe a parent could do that to their child.”

Substance abuse prevention specialist at Up North Prevention, Lisa Anderson says, “I hope that this parent did not give, willingly give, this child any kind of illicit substance because that’s terrible it’s just very, not right and it shouldn’t happen.”

It didn’t start with a pill.

Court documents say the night before Devin and Brianna Devereaux along with Devin’s mother were doing cocaine in an area the baby was often in. The baby went to the hospital that night too.

The baby is OK.

Child Protective Services have placed the baby with relatives, but Amanda Elliott of Child and Family Services says a traumatic experience like this isn’t always physical.

“It can impact them in several ways one being that this child is going to face a lot of hardship as they’re removed from their home suddenly, probably placed in a new environment they’re not familiar with and that can have devastating impacts.”

After hearing this story substance abuse prevention specialists like Lisa Anderson hope people will be proactive.

“Monitor, secure, dispose. So monitor the prescription medications, the opioids that you have on hand, know what you have on hand and know what they are know how many of them, secure, lock them up hide them and when I say hide them put them some place where a 11-month-old is not going to be able to get to them.”

Devin and Brianna Devereaux are charged with third degree child abuse and will be back in court in August.